A few words about bitcoin

Bitcoin is different than any currency

Asynx is an asynchronous nondeterministic multithreaded implementation of Bitcoin SV client software which drastically increases transactional throughput by several orders of magnitude.

Bitcoin is based on a protocol known as the blockchain. Bitcoin is the data ledger of everything. We are the code custodians of the most important software on the planet!

Our mission is to lockdown the bitcoin protocol to enable massive commercial adoption, whilst scaling to billions of transactions per second immutably on the bitcoin blockchain.

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How it works

The way to Bitcoin SV is not as complex as it seems

  • Download Bitcoin SV Wallet

    Download a Bitcoin SV Wallet app for your PC, Android, or iOS to create, send and receive bitcoins. You can create multiple wallets for one account.

  • Add Coins to Your Wallet

    Once the app is downloaded you can add the bitcoins you’ve already created or exchanged via credit card.

  • Send/Receive with Wallet

    The process of sending bitcoins is very easy. In two words, you need to enter receiver's Bitcoin SV address, specify the amount, confirm address and send.

Get our fully featured, secure wallet

Our Bitcoin SV wallets are a perfect solution for your cryptocurrency storage needs.

Safe & Secure

Be sure in your account security and your funds safety.

Instant Exchange

Exchange your bitcoins instantly without any extra payments.

Expert Support

We provide 24/7 expert support for our registered clients.

Mobile Apps

Perfectly developed mobile apps will open you new opportunities.

Personal Wallet

Our easy-to-use personal wallet system will keep your bitcoins safe.

Recurring Buys

Bitcoin allows you to set up recurring transactions in just two clicks.

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Meet the Asynx custodians of the Bitcoin SV protocol.

Meet the people who are tirelessly bringing economic freedom to everyone around the world, with the original Bitcoin.

Dr. Roy Murphy

Bitcoin Gatekeeper